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Our goal when we acquired Maison Ethier was to enable our customers to have a unique buying experience that would take advantage of all their senses.

You can already sense the smell that will come from that new stove and can nearly taste the result. Come experience the new generation of electrical appliances, admire their beauty and enjoy their silence.

You can practically hear the lively discussions of your dinner guests. Your eyes will thrill at the sight of the new generation of dining room furniture.

Enjoy the pleasure of touching our living room and bedroom furniture. Splendid materials, soft and comforting fabrics that summon relaxation and sleep and leathers so soft you want to melt into them!

All your senses will be stimulated in our new BBQ space. One look at our inviting outdoor furniture and you will dream of evenings of absolute relaxation. You can already smell the grilled foods from the hundred different models of grills and smokers on display.

At the new Maison Ethier, we are convinced that when it is time to buy new furniture or new electrical appliances, nothing can replace the pleasure of seeing, touching, hearing, smelling or tasting.

Maison Ethier offers you an exceptional experience.

Rediscover sensory pleasures...

Rediscover Maison Ethier...

Pierre Ethier and François Ethier