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I hear disturbing rumors; could you give me information on the situation of the company?

With pleasure. Let me reassure you.

Maison Ethier is currently restructuring in order to find new investors while analyzing various business alternatives. This process gives us the flexibility to ensure you receive the service you are accustomed to.


Why did Maison Ethier file under the CCAA (Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act)?

Maison Ethier is currently restructuring under the CCAA and it provides the necessary financial security for the establishment of a business strategy to ensure its growth and long-term profitability.


What is the CCAA?

The CCAA is a Canadian federal law that allows debtor corporations to restructure their financial affairs under the supervision of the Court. In a process under the CCAA, the Court issues a stay of proceedings that prevents creditors, such as lenders and suppliers, from taking action against it, giving it the necessary time and stability to restructure.

The board of directors and the senior management team retain control of the company and its operations, subject to any other order of the Court.

The Court generally grants a 30-day stay, which is the maximum time allowed for an initial CCAA application. The company is entitled to seek an extension of the suspension, if any, in order to fully complete the restructuring of its business. Each request for an extension must be approved by the Court.

Although it is possible to extend the initial 30-day period, we intend to work hard to get the Company out of this process as quickly as possible.



The procedures under the CCAA provide as follows:


Suspension of any legal proceedings currently commenced against the Company and prohibition of any further proceedings for the non-payment of amounts owing by the Company at the date of the proceedings (the financial obligations of the Company prior to the date of the original order are essentially "suspended" for the duration of the process);


Obligation for the Company to pay in the normal course of business new purchases of goods, salaries, operating expenses and any other expenses incurred after the commencement of the proceedings;


Prohibition of suppliers, landlords and other parties from canceling leases and other contractual arrangements with the Company;


Appointment of KPMG Inc. as Monitor. The Monitor is an officer of justice to assist the Company in its restructuring. Periodically, it reports to the Court on the progress of the restructuring process and makes a recommendation on the plan of arrangement if such a plan is presented. The Company intends to cooperate fully with the Monitor.



Does that mean Maison Ethier is bankrupt?

No, absolutely not. Maison Ethier is currently analyzing various business alternatives, including the search for potential investors.  


What is the status of my deposit and my order

Maison Ethier continues its activities normally and will honor orders not delivered. Under the terms of the original Order issued by the Court and the terms of the sales contract, orders can’t be canceled and deposits can’t be refunded.


Who manages the operations of Maison Ethier now?

The company is led by its president as usual who is assisted by his management team. Furthermore, KPMG Inc. was appointed Monitor by the Court. KPMG possesses a vast experience and expertise in corporate restructuring.


How long will this process last?

I am not able to give you a specific time. This process is governed by the Court and may be renewed upon application to the implementation of the restructuring plan.


Who do I contact to get more information?


For questions relating to the CCAA proceedings, please contact KPMG as follows:

Per email: [email protected]

French Website:

English Website:


For questions about sales orders, products and return policy, please contact Maison Ethier customer service.

Phone number: (450) 653-1556 ext. 611 - Toll free number 1 (800) 363-9408 ext. 611


Product availability

How can I find out if an article is available?

To find out whether articles are available, you can use one of these solutions:

1: Inquire in the store at the Saint-Basile-le-Grand location.

2: Call (450) 653-1556 to reach the Saint-Basile-le-Grand store.

3: At the website in the “FIND A STORE” section, you can write to us.



What guarantees are offered?

A number of Maison Ethier products come with a manufacturer’s guarantee for the first year after purchase



Payment method 

What are your payment methods?

There are several options available;

In store:

To serve you better, Maison Ethier offers the possibility of using a number of payment methods: cash, certified cheque, bank draft, debit, Visa and MasterCard.


Upon delivery:

The balance of your account must be paid before or at the time of delivery. Our delivery staff accept the following payment methods: cash, certified cheque, bank draft, debit card, Visa and Mastercard.

For debit or credit card payments, the card holder must be present at the time of delivery to enter their PIN and have made sure to be within the available limit before delivery. (Most people have a limit of $1,000 per delivery on their debit card).


Delivery and Installation

How will the articles be packaged?

Furniture delivery:

Merchandise is unpacked and placed where you wish unless there is a major obstacle (inadequate space).


Merchandise sold unassembled is delivered packaged and unassembled. Our after-sales service department can recommend companies that can offer you assembly services.

Packaging materials are collected by our delivery staff and recycled.


Do you install furniture and home appliances upon delivery?

 Installation of furniture:

Merchandise sold unassembled is delivered packaged and unassembled. Our after-sales service department can recommend companies that can offer you assembly services.

If you wish to use this service, you must point this out to your advisor before delivery for inclusion on your sales contract. The assembly of metal supports for mattresses and bed bases is also subject to an additional charge.

Installation of electrical appliances:

All electrical appliances are sold without installation. Attaching feet, handles, washer-dryer stacking kit are subject to additional installation charges. If you wish to use this service, you must point this out to your advisor before delivery for inclusion on your sales contract. The service will then be done by delivery personnel or by Maison Ethier sub-contractors.

For hooking up and connecting electrical applies, we advise you to contact qualified persons.

For a refrigerator, you must wait at least 60 minutes before plugging it in.

We also advise you to read the instructions and any other document accompanying your new appliance very carefully. These are valuable sources of information about its use and maintenance.


What are the delevery charges?

Due to the massive discounts being taken during the liquidation sale, the following delivery charge schedule will now apply.


Within a radius of 100 km:

  • Minimum delivery charge $100.
  • Any purchases from $2000.01 to 4999.99, the delivery charge are 5% of the invoice before taxes.
  • Maximum delivery charge $249.99.

For deliveries of more than 100 km, we will provide a quote.


Can I have articles delivered outside Canada?

Maison Ethier will not deliver products to an address outside Canada.



 What recourse do I have if the merchandise arrives damaged?

It can happen that as the result of handling or transport from the factory to the store, merchandise becomes damaged. Such damage only becomes apparent when the merchandise is unpacked, upon delivery. The following describes what is a service problem upon delivery:

  • The appliance doesn’t work
  • The appliance is damaged
  • The furniture is torn, scratched, broken
  • Parts to be assembled are missing
  • In any of these situations, contact our after-sales service.


 What are your delivery times?

Merchandise in stock:

You have agreed on the delivery date with your advisor and it appears on your sales contract.


If not, contact our Delivery Service to arrange a date at (450) 653-3437 or 1 866 688-3437, ext. 610.


Merchandise on order:

You will be advised as soon as it reaches our warehouse.


Can I change your delivery date?

You must notify us 10 days before the initial date.

Please note that delivery days for certain regions are fixed.